Good afternoon, I’m Sandra . I am joining you today from the backyard of where I live in Washington, D-C. Nina wants each person to do their on camera interview, like a self portrait. To get a feel of what it is like to actually be on camera and do a live to tape interview. The topic? A critique of Saturday’s class.

Personally, I don’t want to be on camera. I would much rather train people,guests. I do like  working as part of a team of people: the reporter, the editor and myself as the producer. But these days, journalists have to do all of those jobs and many more. And that is the reason why I am back in school.

I wish from our class on Saturday, we had spent more time with the technology and the process. Especially, the uploading and even a few basic editing skills.  I know that sounds counter intuitive to how to learn, but this group is different. I believe we all want to start doing the editing portion immediately, rather than sit through a lecture.

Also, it would have been nice to have the appropriate microphones for the camera.  I am not sure why that was not included with the camera package. Also, there was no picture of the different mics we can use.  I believe a demonstration of the different mics would have been helpful.

I know with Nina, as our instructor, we have a seasoned veteran. She has great experience and in-depth knowledge as a video journalist. And she has proven skills as a professor. I have to trust her method. Either way, I am learning, just not as fast as I would like.

And in a 24/7 news cycle, time is not on our side.

See you in the classroom.